Global eCommerce market

Global eCommerce market is worth around $22.1 trillion as per latest UNCTAD estimates. China is the world’s largest business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce market, both in terms of sales and in number of online shoppers, followed by the US and Japan.

India, the 10th largest market in terms of buyers, was ahead of Brazil and Russia in per capita eCommerce spend, the report said. Here’s a look.

Here is the report displayed in Images by UNCTAD for status of eCommerce market in 2015 ranked by number of buyers:
Global eCommerce marketGlobal eCommerce market
B2B sales in highest in US which is $6072 Billions for 2015 and buyers being highest in China which sort out to be 413 million.
Here is the picture of the meeting held by UNCTAD.
Global eCommerce Market
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