The mega-viral game which is most talked about today on internet is Pokemon Go. Ever since the new game took off, there have been reports on how addictive the AR-based game is, with people posting photos and info pieces of where all they have caught their monsters. We will today learn in this article how to download Pokemon Go in India.

At present the game is launched only in US, Australia and New Zealand, but the amount of downloads have crossed the handling power of the servers and that is the reason the international launch had to be halted for now.

Although the game is not officially launched in various countries including India but there are many other ways through which the app can be downloaded very easily in our country. While the game is available on various torrents and app hosting websites, we can even download them using a VPN to tunnel through the three countries. Since using the VPN to download the game is usually is not so effect proof, you can download the game from the following links. iPhone users will have to wait for an official release unless they prefer jailbreaking their devices or they have some of their relative in these three countries who can share their Apple ID with them for a short period of time just to download the game.


The buttons and links given below right after the images will allow you to download the APK file and load it to your Android devices. Simply download the apk file, copy it to your phone’s internal storage and tap on the apk file from any file browser app.Tthe app will install and you are set to go. However, installing third-party apps requires you to enable a setting from your smartphone’s control panel. Head to the security setting on your Android and locate and check‘unknown sources’. This will allow you to install an app without Google Play. Different Android versions will have the settings in different locations—some may see it in ‘applications’, while others see it in ‘security’.


APK Mirror

APK Queen


There you go !! Enjoy your game and be safe on Roads and other places !!

NOTE : There have been reports about Pokemon Go being infected with malware and supplied on third-party websites. Do check the reviews, comments and other information before download them. We are not responsible for any damage caused to your smartphone or data by using the above methods. So take this ride of joy on your own risk.

Please comment below if you need any other details and help!

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