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This page documents the copyright terms and fair use policy for our site

RSS feed Scraping –  This is not allowed as per our terms. Full text feeds cannot be republished. You many syndicate our headlines or a short excerpt on your site with credit back to the original source.
Content Copy – We do not allow sites to copy and republish our content without prior authorization
Translation –  We do not allow language translations and republishing of any content of this site without authorization.
Noncommercial  – We do not allow reuse or reselling our content for commercial purposes without permission.
No Derivative Works -You may not alter, edit content our published content and republish on your site.

Content Theft and Plagiarism

These are serious offences as site content and rights are well protected for the content owner.  If we become aware of complaints related to our content theft –  legal notices may follow which could lead to the following:

  • IP blacklist
  • Cancellation of Domain/Web hosting
  • Ban by advertising services
  • DMCA notice and Search engine penalties

NOTE: This Policy is subject to change anytime at my sole discretion and any changes made will be effective immediately.

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